Rock star Lenny Kravitz teams up with Cadillac to design and launch a futuristic electric vehicle

Lenny Kravitz brings the future of the automotive industry to life.

The rock star and style icon has been invited to collaborate with Cadillac of General Motors (GM) to design and launch the ultra-luxury and futuristic flagship brand Celestiq EV.

Early last week, a video on Cadillac’s Twitter showed the “Let Love Rule” singer arriving at GM’s Worldwide Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, where every production-spec, all-electric, emission-free 2024 Cadillac Celestiq exhaust will be handcrafted. . Pricing starts at $300,000.

Available only on demand, the cars can be ordered as soon as the end of the year, followed by extremely low production in December 2023, according to GM. Customers can work with designers and a Cadillac Concierge for desired customizations on interior trim, exterior color and other elements.

Kravitz chimed in to share his personal Cadillac story.

“My grandfather, he always had Cadillacs. He changed them every few years,” said the AD100 musician, actor and designer. Vanity Room.

“And he used to pile us all in the back, like five or six kids, and he would take us out of Brooklyn. He wanted to expose the neighborhood children to art, museums, theater, sports. So the Cadillac was his vehicle to put us all in and take us out to expose us to all these wonderful things.

As part of his collaboration, Kravitz will share ideas for his own custom electric car. He is no stranger to creating residential designs from his own concept design studio, Kravitz Design Studio.

The designer will work closely with Michael SimcoeGM’s vice president of global design to implement his designs inside the car.

“I really want it to have an edge that reflects me as well as a timeless quality,” Kravitz said in the video teasing the car.

“Something you can look back on 40 years later that still speaks.”

For 15 years, Kravitz has never had a car in Paris and has chosen to travel by motorbike. But all that will change.

He wants his new car to be “a kind of nocturnal vehicle that roams the streets of Paris. I just want it hovering there at night. And I’m only going to go where you can park it right out front,” Kravitz said. vanity lounge.

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