Sakuu Partners with NGK to Provide Materials to Advance 3D Printed Solid-State Battery Lineup

Sakuu announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Japan NGK spark plugs, a leader in electrochemical materials and an industrial automotive supplier. The MOU will allow NGK to co-develop and supply ceramic materials for Sakuu’s solid-state battery production, ranging from ongoing battery material requirements at its California pilot-line plant to large-scale commercialization. scale of its line of AM solid-state batteries.

“Formalizing this long-term partnership agreement with NGK for the ceramic requirements of our printed battery line is an important step in Sakuu’s go-to-market plans,” said Arwed Niestroj, SVP Customer Enablement. “NGK is a global industry leader, and the quality of its materials and technical expertise will allow Sakuu to move quickly towards bringing our next-generation battery line to market.

Sakuu uses an additive manufacturing method where proprietary technology allows the printing of glass, metals, polymers and ceramics in a single layer, along with proprietary cell chemistry. This allows Sakuu to deploy large-scale manufacturing of next-generation solid-state batteries, which the company says is one of the biggest challenges facing solid-state battery developers.

Keiji Suzuki, General Manager of NGK’s R&D Division, said, “We are pleased to use our 80 years of experience in ceramic materials to collaborate with Sakuu, the undisputed pioneer in 3D printing of semi-automatic batteries. drivers. Their work is truly impressive, and we look forward to making this line of industry-leading solid-state batteries a significant business opportunity for both companies.

The batteries Sakuu will produce will have ultra-high energy density, be up to 50% smaller, 30% lighter and cheaper to produce in large quantities than currently available lithium-ion batteries, according to the company.

Sakuu also says batteries can be printed in custom shapes and sizes due to the capabilities of its additive manufacturing platform, which it hopes will be “a new paradigm” in the battery industry that can transform the design of industrial products and energy consumption in all sectors.

Following the introduction of a new pilot line facility in 2021, Sakuu recently announced the opening of a new battery printing and engineering facility in Silicon Valley.

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