SLINTEC to Generate Export Revenue for Sri Lanka Using Graphene Products

Breathtech S3 face mask

Graphene enhanced ISS battery

The Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC), Sri Lanka’s leading public-private research institute and a pioneer in nanotechnology and advanced technology research in the country, has once again innovated in another pioneering endeavor , that of conceptualizing and creating remarkable products incorporating graphene, a material which, over the past decades, has been mostly hidden in research laboratories and called the “wonderful material”.

Graphene has witnessed a resurgence of interest among the investment community for its avenues of commercialization. This is because graphene is two hundred times stronger than steel and incredibly flexible, very promising for anti-corrosion coatings and paints, efficient and precise sensors, faster and more efficient electronics, flexible displays, efficient solar panels, composite materials with applications in automotive, defense and aerospace industries, high strength concrete, renewable energy storage battery anode material, high capacity supercapacitors, etc. . The global graphene market value is expected to reach $ 1 billion by 2027.

SLINTEC Managing Director Dr Nareshkumar B. Handagama said: “Sri Lankan lode graphite is the best material for commercial graphene processing, while the island is also the only commercial producer of lode graphite, with the highest purity graphite with a carbon content of 97-99.5%.

“Sri Lanka could very well lead the charge in terms of graphene integrated products that could revolutionize our way of life. As such, SLINTEC pioneered the processes to convert graphite to graphene and bring the products to market.

SLINTEC having created a patented economically viable method to process graphene at one of the lowest processing costs in the world, has already set up a joint venture with Ceylon Graphene Technologies Ltd. (CGTL) to mass manufacture graphene for global demand by adding value to local products. Mineral Graphite, where CGTL has already started supplying customers in the US and some EU countries.

Currently, a “modular factory” with an investment of over $ 2 million has been set up at SLINTEC Technology Incubation Center with capacity for expansion. Further commercializations in this area are planned with potential joint ventures.

The new line of projects involving graphene is testing tailor-made anode materials to conduct battery component tests. Dr Handagama explained that “the goal is to make very efficient batteries with local graphite”. The potential is immense in the field of renewable energy storage battery applications.

The world’s first graphene-based lead-acid battery was also developed by SLINTEC in conjunction with Associated Battery Manufacturers (ABM) Exide battery targeting the automotive battery market. This graphene-based battery has a significant improvement in life cycle.

SLINTEC’s work with graphene has also proven to be very beneficial for an integrated sensor face mask, developed in collaboration with CirQ Labs; a high-tech innovation hub specializing in healthcare solutions and the Hirdaramani Group. Entitled BreathTech-S³, this smart mask features a sensor that measures respiratory rate, fit and carbon dioxide buildup while providing alerts via the app, alerting the wearer to potential risk markers.

Another is graphene supercapacitors, a device used to store energy in large amounts minus the weight and bulk of non-graphene types. “There is a huge national and international demand for these high capacity capacitors. If you combine these two capacitors and high efficiency storage devices, you can meet any power supply, ”explained Dr Handagama.

SLINTEC conducts research mainly on; energy, printed electronics and sensors, minerals and composites, rubbers, plastics and new polymers, textile materials and processing technology, advanced agricultural technology. He has currently partnered with the Ministry of Technology and private sector institutes including MAS Holdings, Brandix Lanka Ltd., Browns PLC, Camso Loadstar Ltd., Dialog Axiata, Hayleys PLC, Lankem Ceylon PLC and LOLC PLC.

SLINTEC aims to bring to market a range of local solutions using graphene, generating revenue and paving the way for Sri Lanka to become one of the leading exporters of graphene products, and position SLINTEC as a research leader. and development. hub of the region.

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