Sony WI-C100 review: Simple design, good audio quality

For some time now I’ve wondered why neckband headphones are still relevant given that truly wireless models are now so affordable. By observing people who use these headphones all day, the answer has become clearer. These headphones don’t need to be put away during the work day or when you travel and just wear them around your neck when listening to anything. There’s a certain level of convenience here with the fact that these models are still more affordable and often offer better battery life. That’s also why the Sony WI-C100 might work well.

The Sony WI-C100 has a very simple neckband design which makes it an easy choice for many people who don’t want unnecessary complications in their lives. There are two lugs on both sides of the cord before the earbuds. One of them houses the controls, while the other is just the battery.

The earphone is lightweight and fits well and is comfortable for long hours. My only issue with the design is that the earbuds don’t have magnets that make them stick together while hanging around your neck. But this is not a decisive factor. The IPX4 rating means you can wear it to the gym and sweat won’t impact that.

The earphone is light and fits well and is comfortable for long hours, but the ear cups lack magnetic attachment. (Image source: The Indian Express/Nandagopal Rajan)

I was reviewing the WI-C100 at a time when the voice of one of my favorite singers, Bhupinder, fell silent forever. I couldn’t help but play his playlist on repeat during my morning routines. Of Ek Akela is Sheher Main at Kissi Nazar Ko Tera, I was on a nostalgic trip and the WI-C100 really didn’t let me down, even though most of those numbers didn’t register in the hi-fi quality we’re used to now. Famous baritone Bhupinder shone without any extra bass.

For richer compositions like Uzi’s viral KrvnI could really feel the headphones stood out with the right amount of bass and a very rich layered audio profile, especially for this price range. If you want to change the profile, you can use the Sony Headphone Connect app to switch to presets or use a custom equalizer. The app also lets you customize the audio to suit your ear shape. But then you should be aware that the earphone also has its limitations and is not a premium set.

I tested the WI-C100 with the iPhone and the remote works perfectly fine, letting you skip songs. Audio prompts are also good, especially for getting battery status every time you log in. Call quality is decent and no one complained during the days I was using them for my long conversations. Battery life might just be one of the earphone’s USPs and a single charge gives you 25 hours of playtime, which can also last a week for most people.

At Rs 2,790, the Sony WI-C100 is a good way for you to step up the wireless value chain by getting an earphone that offers top-notch sound for the price and customizations and controls that work to your advantage. .

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