Suitsupply: Helping men get dressed

After more than two years of working from home and wearing casual or casual clothes for webinars and online meetings, men finally want to dress to impress once again. During Milan Fashion Week in June, when menswear and suits once again took center stage, Italian luxury fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli said, “Men want to get dressed.” From March of this year GQ magazine trumpeted the message out loud in March that “men’s suits are back”.

What is it about the business suit that makes a man look clean, elegant and professional at the same time? Write in the the wall street journal recently, Peter York summed it up best: “The suit is a brilliant idea – a triumph of simplicity and the ultimate symbolic demarcation between work and everything else”, adding: “Serious work: when a man wears a suit, he looks ready for business-as-war.

A trendy Dutch treat

In 2000, the fashion brand Suitsupply was founded in the Netherlands and has since shaken up the world of men’s clothing with its different suit cuts, customization, fabrics and colors. In November 2020, Forbes magazine said “Men looking for a rise in the business should check out Suitsupply.”

From left to right:
Pure wool Napoli navy suit
Light blue Havana suit in pure cotton
Havana wool silk linen light brown suit

In Korea, Samsung C&T Fashion Group has Suitsupply in its stable of domestic and imported brands. With flagship stores in the Cheongdam and Hannam districts, as well as concessions in Shinsegae department stores, Suitsupply has captured the attention of Korean celebrities and gentlemen of all stripes who want to look good. In fact, its location in Cheongdam has seen visitor numbers increase by 42% year-over-year.

Each season new fabrics and designs are introduced to the Suitsupply range, and word of mouth contributes to its popularity. It is now the preferred supplier of wedding suits for men who want to make a big impact on their special day.

Tailored to a client’s needs

While it’s convenient to be able to buy a ready-to-wear suit, many men prefer an outfit that suits their figure or taste. These days, several high-end costume stores offer in-house tailoring services. Suitsupply is one such supplier, with a tailoring station in each outlet, where bespoke suits and shirts are created. Using a tablet PC, customers can select variables such as suit style, number of buttons, lapel type, as well as lining fabric and pocket type. It’s surprising how many details can be changed slightly for a very different look. Within days, an outfit made to customer specifications is ready for collection.

Tailor made suitsupply for gentlemen demanding a chance to get a personalized suit at an affordable price.

It’s the kind of differentiated experience that the so-called MZ generation appreciates. Men in this age range don’t often wear suits, but when they do, they want it to be something special that speaks to their unique identity.

Lee Seon-gi of Samsung C&T Fashion Group comments, “We hear a lot of customers say that Suitsupply items are just as good as custom-made ones. We continue to emphasize the bespoke service for a reason: it creates a suit that fits perfectly, just like a bespoke suit would. »

Provide more than just costumes

Of course, menswear isn’t just about suits. Summer brings vacation time with it, and that means lighter, sheer fabrics, short sleeves, and even cropped pants. Some men want to look as stylish at the beach as they do at the office.

From left to right:
Mauve merino wool knit polo shirt
Greenwich cotton linen silk light brown jacket
Bosa light gray shorts in cashmere blend

Suitsupply also offers holiday clothing for the warmer months, with pure linen shirts, cotton/silk/linen blend jackets and cotton trousers and shorts, among others.

“Suitsupply is perhaps the one and only menswear brand that currently offers a reasonable price range as well as this variety of products at this phenomenal quality,” suggests Lee Seon-gi.

Suitsupply’s selection of summer vacation outfits can be seen at Samsung C&T Fashion Group SSF Online Shop.

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