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Can’t find anything to play? We have some suggestions for you in today’s roundup. These games have everything you need to beat boredom into the ground.

At Gadget Flow, we love board games, TTRPGs, and RPGs. So today we’re rounding up the best games and accessories of the week. From an adaptive audio app for TTRPGs to a dice game that’s suitable for adult and family game night, these are the games and accessories to own.

Take your TTRPGs above with the TableTone. This adaptive app automatically creates a soundtrack for your game based on specific inputs. It saves you time and makes your games more immersive than ever.

So, for a game with excellent versatility, consider Chicken!. With its classic look and gameplay, it’s a dice game for all ages. Take it to game night at your local pub or play it with the kids – this game is fun for everyone.

Ready to have fun? Check out the games below! TableTone TableTone video

GMs everywhere will enjoy TableTone, an adaptive audio app for TTRPGs by It automatically chooses the ideal soundtrack for your game, based on its location and situation.

Interestingly, TableTone’s music, mood and sounds are adaptive – they’re nothing like traditional playlists or music tools. The sound you get responds to your input and is personalized to fit your story.

So you can change the mood and intensity via the intuitive controls. In addition, the audio is custom-produced and of high quality. This is one of our best games and accessories of the week.

The app is coming soon. Visit the official website for more details.

Canvas: finishing touches

Canvas: finishing touches as works of art

Do you like canvas? Then you need to check out Canvas: Finishing Touches. It requires the Canvas base game but can be played with or without the Reflections expansion.

Here’s the story: a new gallery wants paintings for its exhibition. But the works must satisfy the design elements. You have to compete with other artists to get your artwork in the frames.

Deeply strategic with simple rules, this expansion will become a game night favorite. It is best for ages 14 and up and takes 30 minutes to play.

Pledge $35 for the Deluxe Edition on Kickstarter.

Fit to print

Fit to Print game box and pieces

From the makers of Calico, CASCADIA and Verdant comes Fit to Print, a puzzling tile-laying board game for 1-6 players that only takes 15-30 minutes to play.

In this game, you are the editor of one of the local newspapers in Thistleville. The first page is due in an hour, so you need to grab the best stories and match them with the right photo. In addition, there is advertising.

Your skills will be put to the test as you compete to become the most newsworthy editor in town. Super fun to play, this is one of our top games and accessories of the week.

Support a Fit to Print Kickstarter edition for $29 or more on Kickstarter.


Chicken! game artwork

Adults and kids alike will have fun playing Chicken!, a strategic dice game that lets you raise chickens on a farm and protect them from foxes.

The rules are simple, so anyone can learn to play, including Grandma and the kids. It provides exciting times and laughs, so it’s great for any game night.

Pre-order the Deluxe Edition for $35 on Kickstarter.


Unconscious game illustration

Follow in Freud’s footsteps and immerse yourself in your patients’ dreams in Unconcious Mind. This new title from Fantasia Games combines engine building, worker placement, action programming, and multiple pucks, ensuring the turn has a ripple effect.

As a member of Freud’s Wednesday Psychological Society, you must master therapeutic techniques, establish a practice, and expand your clientele. Thanks to dream analysis, you dig into the unconscious of your patients and relieve their suffering.

Choose victory by publishing treatises to advance your scholarly reputation. This is one of our best games and accessories of the week.

Pre-order it for around $70 on Kickstarter.

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