Ten must-have Rave accessories that will make you stand out

Rave clothing is an integral part of any festival experience. Planning your outfits around your festival weekend is half the fun. Accessories can really make or break your outfit. They add elements to your outfit that you might not be able to wear elsewhere. Adding unique accessories to your rave outfit will make you more sure to stand out from all the other festival goers. Festivals are about embracing your individuality. With these ten must-have accessories, you can turn a basic festival outfit into a stellar one.

#1 Glitter! Shine! Shine!

Let’s start with a quintessential rave accessory: sequins. Glitter can be used in many unique ways. One of our favorites is using stencils with glitter. Sure, you can lather your body from head to toe with glitter, but so many ravers are already doing this look. You’ll really stand out from the crowd if you place the sequins strategically in fun patterns. You can make your arm look like it’s covered in scales for a mermaid look or animal prints like a cheetah or zebra. Sequins are a guaranteed rave accessory, but add that little twist for your next rave look!

#2 Small fluffy backpack

One of the biggest trends of the past five years in rave clothing is the addition of a fuzzy little backpack. The most popular small fuzzy backpacks are usually black, pink or both. This accessory is both functional and cute! To make your backpack stand out from the rest, you can decorate it yourself, for example by adding cat ears. This little touch will make your backpack even cuter. These are popular because of their functionality!

#3 Belt bag

Like small backpacks, fanny packs are a functional and essential accessory for any festival. You need a place to store your phone, wallet, sunscreen, charger, etc. Fanny packs are basic and can be seen everywhere, but to stand out you can decorate a very basic one to suit your own style. One idea we have is to stick googly eyes of different sizes on your fanny pack, or paint your name with acrylic in colors to match your outfit. The possibilities are limitless! If you like to tinker, this is the accessory for you!

#4 Pies

Pasties are a great choice for all mesh tops. Regardless of gender norms, anyone can rock some fun dough. While you could opt for a basic black ensemble, we’d recommend something flashier. You can find neon pasties, which glow in the dark and are covered in rhinestones. All of these options will look great under any basic mesh outfit.

#5 Body Harness

Another great accessory to add to your rave apparel of choice is a body harness. This accessory, although very sexy, makes your overall look very edgy. Body harnesses look best with a bodysuit or bikini. Body harnesses are made in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Some go around your chest while others go around your waist and thighs. You can combine harnesses to create an even more unique look. A black body harness will add a little flair to any festival outfit you may have planned.

#6 Face Mask

Face coverings are very common at raves. This was already true before the pandemic. For a multitude of reasons, face masks are a necessity at raves, especially in desert climates. A face mask will not only prevent you from catching or spreading COVID-19, but will help you breathe better against wind and dust. Pre-pandemic festival-goers typically used scares and face coverings. Now you can find custom masks on etsy to match your rave outfit perfectly!

#7 Leggings

Leggings are fun and practical. Desert climates, where many raves take place, tend to get extremely cold at night. While wanting to rock a fun outfit while staying warm, leg warmers are the perfect accessory. Just like most of the other accessories discussed above, leg warmers come in all sorts of different styles and materials.

#8 Tights

Glitter tights are a great accessory to many rave outfits. So many people wear bathing suits to raves. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your look, try adding rhinestone tights under your outfit. It will add the perfect amount of bling to an otherwise basic outfit.

#9 Glasses

Glasses are a necessity for any outdoor event. Sunglasses can be worn day or night. Yes, wearing sunglasses at night during a rave is an acceptable fashion choice. Googles may actually be needed during certain festivals depending on the desert climate. You don’t want to spend your weekend battling dust and sand. You can creatively decorate glasses to match your outfit, like adding glitter or spray paint!

#10 Wings

Finally, a very unique piece of festival clothing are the wings. A set of fairy or angel wings can seriously elevate your look. Your festival looks are endless by adding wings. You can dress up as a butterfly, fairy godmother, fairy, Victoria’s Secret angel, angel, fallen angel and more. If you’re looking to dress up outside of Halloween, this is the perfect accessory for you!

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