The European Bike Project: 5 exciting products from small European manufacturers – January 2022

The European bicycle project is one of our favorite Instagram accounts and its feed is constantly updated with everything from interesting curiosities from small manufacturers to inside looks at European manufacturing to analyzes of the environmental impact of our sport. He’s going to be doing a new regular column for us here at Pinkbike and Beta which will mainly focus on bringing you exciting products from small European manufacturers. Here is its second edition which includes a Senduro frame prototype, a very unique stem and more.

Reichmann Engineering Senduro Prototype

Matthias Reichmann gained great fame among German downhill racers for the design of the RIP downhill frame. Over the years the RIP has gone through four different iterations, and as the lines between enduro and downhill become increasingly blurred, it’s no surprise that its latest creation is a high-performance frame that can be pedaled uphill. . Since 2021, Reichmann Engineering has been part of EMRG (emerge), a new company that is working on several exciting products such as a virtual pivot helmet.

The frame doesn’t have four or six, but jaw-dropping seven pivots and a suspension design based on Watt’s linkage. They say the modified Watt’s linkage helps them tune the suspension exactly to their liking. Basically their frame offers a lot of sensitivity in the first third of the race, downforce during the second third and a lot of progress towards the end of the race. Take a look at their Youtube to see the link in action.

So is it long, low, and soft? Definitely yes. Currently, the geometry of the prototype frames is based on a head angle of 62.5 ° and a seat angle of 76.5 °. Reach in size 1 is 470mm and size 2 is 510mm, with a wheelbase of 1280 or 1330mm respectively. The EMRG team plans to offer adjustable chainstays that can be set to 440, 450 or 460mm. While a 250 x 75mm shock will generate a 195mm stroke, a 230 x 65mm shock will reduce the stroke to 170mm. Recommended fork stroke: 180 – 200 mm. The frame can be built as a complete 29 inch or mule bike, the drop off the bottom bracket for a complete 29 inch will be -32mm. The current weight of the frame is 4 kg.

Currently, the EMRG team is testing several prototypes and plans to make the frame available by summer 2022.

– Frame made in Germany
– Weight: 4kg
– Fork travel: 180 – 200 mm
– Rear travel: 170 or 195 mm
– Pre-orders are scheduled for summer 2022
– More info on

DH Sign HPX stem

Working in the marketing department of a gallows manufacturer can probably be difficult: while most gallows look more or less the same, it’s not easy to find that feature that makes the gallows stand out from the crowd. This is not the case for DH Sign from Italy: Their stems are probably the only ones that use a sheet of steel to tighten the handlebars.

DH Sign was founded in 2013 in a small town near the Dolomites and today offers a nice range of quality products including flat pedals, chain guides, this stem and a rim repair tool.

When designing the HPX stem they really wanted to create something special and came up with a very clean product. They say they wanted to ditch the “unsightly” front screws because they make it harder to mount GPS devices and they didn’t want to interrupt the lines of the handlebars. In addition, pressure is applied to the handlebars very evenly, without creating stress risers. The sheet steel is available in brushed steel or in a new “black ice” finish. The aluminum stem body is available in several anodized colors. Obviously, the installation procedure is different from what we are used to, but it is still simple.

– Made in Italy
– Length: 37 or 50mm
– Diameter: 31.8 or 35 mm
– Various colors and finishes
– Weight: 95g for a length of 37mm / 118g for a length of 50mm
– Price: 140 – 160 euros
– More info on

Frozen cold handles

The perfect handles for the spooky donut come from a new German company that has decided to offer you transparent handles with a customizable look.

One of the founders of Frozen also runs a custom motorcycle shop where he had been experimenting with transparent grips for some time. His goal was to create unique grips that would allow his customers to change the look of their bikes by simply switching between different printed stickers that go under the grips. What works for motorcycles usually can’t be too wrong for mountain bikes, so the team at Frozen decided they wanted to bring customizable grips to the mountain biking world as well.

Frozen Cool handles are made locally in Germany from recyclable Thermolast plastic and Reach certified. They are sweat resistant, have a polygonal body shape, grip tears, and a two-zone thumb area. According to Frozen, the handles are also hardwearing and won’t get sticky over time.

Stickers can be purchased individually in the Frozen online store for € 5, while a grip set including stickers will cost you € 39. If you’re feeling creative, you can print stickers at home as well, but Frozen says your homemade stickers should be the same dimensions as the original Frozen stickers.

Even though snap grips can be quite comfortable, they haven’t been getting a lot of love lately as their lockable siblings are very easy to put on and take off. However, the “how to edit a video“makes it very easy, so let’s hope the cool technology allows for easy installation.

– Made in Germany
– Weight: 90g (pair)
– Length: 133 mm
– Diameter: 31mm
– Soft compound 40A
– Price: 39 euros
– More info on

Pembree D2A Pedals

I have been using the Pembree D2A pedals for about 10 months on my Enduro and am happy to report that they still work perfectly and have only lost one pin. While it doesn’t sound overwhelmingly exciting, we all know there are plenty of pedals that require a complete rebuild after a season or even sooner. However, it’s not just the quality of the products that sets Pembree apart from the crowd, it’s the way the business is run.

Phil, the owner of the company, aims to create a very transparent company that acts in a responsible manner. If you check out their website, you will see that they share detailed information about each part of their pedals. For each component, they show where it’s made, how it’s made, what material it is and they also include details on durability and recycling.

As you may know, machining metal requires a lot of electricity. Fortunately, Pembree’s own CNC machines run on 100% renewable energy. On top of that, Pembree also calculated the CO2 footprint of its pedals. They say each set of pedals is responsible for 92kg of CO2 emissions – full calculations can be found on their website. Pembree has partnered with Temwa to balance the carbon footprint of its products by planting trees.

Pembree started selling pedals in 2020 which has been a very difficult year. Although this is a relatively small company, they really go the extra mile and I have a lot of respect for that.

– Made in UK
– Weight: 446g (pair)
– 100x110x15mm
– Several colors available
– Guarantee: 5 years / 2 years for the bearings
– More info on

Helmet 720 Protections Awake

While cycling technology is constantly evolving, it’s worth noting that the vast majority of helmets are still based on the same principle as 30 years ago: styrofoam, padding, and a thin hard plastic shell. Yes, Rotary Impact Protection has certainly been a huge leap in safety, but it doesn’t matter if your helmet costs $ 30 or $ 300, the technology is pretty much the same.

I’m not saying these conventional helmets are bad, they’ve surely helped save thousands of lives and have prevented a lot of other serious injuries, but at the same time it’s exciting to see some companies looking into new ones. different technologies. classic polystyrene helmets.

One of these companies is 720 Protections of Italy (South Tyrol / Alto Adige to be precise). The honeycomb structure is the heart of their helmets and is made of HEAP (High Energy Absorption Polymer). HEAP deforms in a crash and distributes impact forces over a larger area than conventional helmets, according to 720 Protections. Moreover, this is another key feature, it returns to its original shape.

In order to obtain certification, the European standard EN 1078 requires helmets to transmit a maximum acceleration force of 250 g to a cyclist’s head. 720 Protections indicate that from a medical point of view, 250g is more than your head can take without sustaining serious injury. Fortunately, average helmets reduce this value to around 170g, but these values ​​can obviously vary widely. 720 Protections helmets offer a value as low as 115g, outperforming most helmets on the market. The Awake helmet is not for small heavyweights, however, as it weighs almost 500 grams.

– Made in Italy
-Weight: ~ 500g
– Patented Hexago technology with elastomer honeycomb structure
– Adjustable visor
– Fidlock magnetic buckle
– More info on

Photos: EMRG, DH Sign, Frozen, Pembree, clean.

Transparency: I received the Pembree D2A pedals and the 720 Protections helmet for review and use.

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