The Falcon Design Land Rover Series 3 is the classic dream SUV you never knew existed

Falcon Design Germany has solved a problem that others have not solved. They take classic Land Rovers and add modern reliability, comfort and luxury. And the best part is that they are affordable.

Go take a look at the Land Rover homepage and you’ll find that at the bottom of the barrel you’ll spend over $ 45,000 to get a brand new one. SUV to your driveway. Want something that isn’t comically spartan?

You will pay north of $ 65,000. For those looking for the latest Range Rover, the last dollar is a six-figure sum. This made us wonder if the Land Rover Falcon Design Germany Series 3 is not a better buy.

The 1974 FDG Series 3 features a design that is already a well-known classic. Each part has been personalized, restored or replaced. This detail goes to the chassis. And it’s not just another body-off restoration.

The chassis itself has been hand painted with Miami themes. Look closely and you’ll see pineapples, flamingos, ice cream cones, and more. The new body panels feature BMW Mineral White Metallic paint with aqua green trim.

Inside we found more aqua green upholstery. Considering its theme and location, we love that the interior features weather-resistant marine textures. You never know when it’s going to rain in Miami.

While it doesn’t look very modern, the 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine is more than powerful enough to take you from A to B. The four-speed manual transmission will feel delightfully classic when you change gears.

Yes, Falcon Design Germany took this classic Land Rover and gave it their own twist. In fact, they solved the only problem we’ve ever had with old Land Rovers. This one is actually reliable.

Want a different Land Rover, maybe like a Defender or something? FDG will manufacture a customized SUV especially for you.

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