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Maryline Damour of Damour Drake believes that beautifully designed interiors should be accessible to everyone, regardless of economy, location or size of abode. His desire to bring great design to earth and create cohesion around the vibrant and diverse portfolio of local Hudson Valley manufacturers inspired Damour to launch the Kingston Design Showhouse in 2018. The annual event was designed as a more local response to the exclusive, luxury storefronts common in the rest of the country. Five years later, Damour and his thriving network of Hudson Valley artists and artisans have gone far beyond proof of concept, establishing the region as a wealthy center of design in its own right while providing an inspiring roadmap for bringing beautiful design into your own home.

Click to enlarge The fireplace was designed by Brooke Cotter.  -PHIL MANSFIELD
  • Phil Mansfield
  • The fireplace was designed by Brooke Cotter.

This year, a circa-1901 Victorian on a side street in downtown Kingston serves as the designers’ canvas. Originally a family home, the building was commercial property for decades until a family purchased it hoping to return the space to a residence. Enter the KDS, which has restored the grand Victorian bone structure, including adding a full kitchen and second bathroom, to create an earthy 21st-century residence with turn-of-the-century details. As always, the show home’s nine reimagined spaces, each led by a different designer or team, form an eclectic collective, but all draw inspiration from the Hudson Valley’s rich natural landscape and creative ecosystem. premises in the region.First floor, BNR Interiors reimagined the classic Victorian home lounge with mottled wallpaper in a dark river green that reads like plaster and a collection of locally sourced mid-century vintage furniture.

Click to enlarge BNR Interiors' take on the Victorian living room.  -PHIL MANSFIELD
  • Phil Mansfield
  • BNR Interiors’ take on the Victorian living room.

The Other Side of the Hearth designed by Brooke Cotter, an eco-responsible design company
Creatures of the place captured a waning summer-autumn vibe in the dining room, lush with dried floral ceiling arrangements and wall art by Ekshathe. A simple white oak coffee table is complemented by a set of Silk & Willow floor cushions serving as a seat. On top of the table, West Shokan ceramics 28A Clay are interspersed with beeswax candles in vintage brass candlesticks and seasonal decorative gourds.In contrast to the dark, earthy palette of the dining room, Hendley & Co. The “Ode to Grandmother” kitchen is an airy and bright space. The kitchen, with its pale chartreuse ceiling and textured wall treatment, is a bright setting to showcase E.Penderleith & Co’s warm wooden cabinets inspired by early 20th century cabinetmaking techniques.

Click to enlarge Dining room at Creatures of Place.  -PHIL MANSFIELD
  • Phil Mansfield
  • Dining room at Creatures of Place.

Inspired by the Luminous Painting movement of the 19th century, the designer Simone Eisold complemented the home’s original stained glass windows, wood paneled staircase and banister with soft blue marmorino lime plaster walls. She then reimagined the second floor foyer and landing as gallery spaces with works by artist Molly McKinley, Susan English, Ian McMahon, Kieran Kinsella and many more.For a bit of luxury and an update on Victorian plumbing, Design by Michael Gilbride created a luxury bathroom with modern fixtures and period-inspired details. A smart steam shower from Thermsol converts into a full sauna and includes a screen with access to streaming services and a discreet Infinity drain. A mosaic of marble floor tiles and handcrafted joinery recall the opulence of the Victorian era while maintaining a decidedly modern sensibility.

Click to enlarge The 2022 show home was previously a commercial property with only a kitchenette.  The show home involved the complete installation of this kitchen, by Hendley & Co. - PHIL MANSFIELD
  • Phil Mansfield
  • The 2022 show home was previously a commercial property with only a kitchenette. The show home involved the complete installation of this kitchen, by Hendley & Co.

Also upstairs, three bedrooms offer a contrasting office while preserving the historic vernacular of the Victorian era. E. AleaseThe fun and whimsical take faces the street and showcases the house’s rounded floor-to-ceiling windows. A custom headboard by Studio Glagola runs the length of one wall and is covered in Fabricate textiles. “All I Ever Wanted” by local artist Ryan Cronin sets a pop art tone to the piece. Another bedroom, repainted in a historic dusty terracotta hue, has been converted into an office and library.

A collaboration between

Quittner Antiques and historical curators To conservethe space, nicknamed “A room of one’s own”, is full of antique tables and chairs, dreamy landscapes painted in oils by Marieken Cochiusand a custom painted mop by studio tepi. The designers ingeniously transformed the room’s closet into a cozy reading nook by raising the floor to bench height and layering the surface with pillows, blankets and lighting. An antique hanging rug completes the space.

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  • Phil Mansfield
  • “A Room of One’s Own” is a collaboration between Quittner Antiques and Worth Preserving.

The home’s master bedroom, transformed into “Forest Floor Boudoir” by West-based art collective Shokan Countryside, serves as something of a piece de resistance for the showhouse’s fifth iteration. Many of the co-op’s eight artists have met in the show house in previous years, and the creative synergy that Damour had hoped to stimulate is on full display with their collaborative design.Inspired by Victorian-era naturalism and the idea of ​​aging as a luxury, the space’s carefully designed layers recall the rich layers of a Catskills woodland floor. Designed and directed by Jennifer Salvemini of JLS Lifestyle Consultingthe room is dominated by a four poster Tusk and Talon four poster bed handcrafted in local ash by AUZ design studio. Soft bedding, padding and other textile accents include chiffon, linen, velvet and botanically dyed silk taffeta in deep greens, browns and reds. The Wanderer’s Daughter. Member of the Brenna Chase cooperative of Deep Willow Studio created a custom stained glass window for the space and the walls are split with two different hand painted treatments. A mycelium-inspired print by Marcie Paper occupies one wall; Katie Westmoreland’s hand-painted botanical reflections fill out the rest. The co-op even created a custom scent for the space – “Hinterland Petrichor” by Phenicia Soap Co.

Click to enlarge The master bedroom was designed by the Hinterland Cooperative.  -PHIL MANSFIELD
  • Phil Mansfield
  • The master bedroom was designed by the Hinterland Cooperative.

From intricate textures and provocative color palettes to local sourcing and personalized collaboration with local artisans, the Kingston Design Showhouse is both a destination unto itself and a breadcrumb trail inviting you to go. further into the realm of creative possibilities.

The showhouse will be open one more day on October 22 between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. Buy your tickets online.

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