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When considering customizing merchandise for your business, it’s essential to keep in mind which products will be most effective. You shouldn’t just put your company logo on the first blank merchandise you see. Instead, think about which promotional products your consumers will use the most to provide them with meaningful and effective products. Keep reading below to find out which products consumers are using the most.


Clothing items are among the most common examples of promotional products that companies give away, and there’s a good reason for that. More than half of consumers who receive promotional apparel keep the items if they find the design appealing. Consumers who receive and wear promotional clothing are more likely to buy from this company in the future. Additionally, clothing items such as hats have some of the longest lifespans of all merchandise items, which means they have a higher potential for generating impressions.


Drinkware accessories are a popular promotional item this time of year as customers look to the outdoors and the heat. Consider providing your customers with a branded water bottle to keep them hydrated on all their summer adventures. Water bottles, mugs, coolers, and beverage insulators are all examples of effective beverage products. These items can generate thousands of impressions over their lifetime with your customers, helping to build brand awareness along the way.


Some of the most common promotional items are accessories such as personalized bags, face masks, and even umbrellas. Any small items that your customers might use throughout the day are great for reminding them of your business at a glance. These items provide the perfect reminder to visit your store or website and stock up on their favorite products.

Office supplies

You don’t have to reserve branded office supplies exclusive to your company’s employees and remote workers. Consider providing your customers with items such as desk accessories, writing utensils, USB drives, etc. Your consumers will use these items on a daily basis, which helps drive repeat impressions and boosts your brand recognition.

If you plan to offer promotional products for your business, don’t choose your personalized items lightly. Consider your choices for personalized merchandise and think about which items will be most effective for your target audience. Start with these examples of promotional products your consumers will use the most to inspire your next marketing move.

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