These new AZIO accessories for mechanical keyboards are real bargains


Regular readers will know how much I love my keyboards. I like to use them because it’s the only “instrument” I can play. I use them daily to turn the words in my head into reviews on my computer that you can read. Having a great keyboard makes typing much easier and more productive. A good keyboard can make your typing more precise, enjoyable, and fun.

A good mechanical keyboard is the best type of keyboard. You can purchase many accessories to customize your keyboard, so that it better reflects your personality and individual tastes.

Back in March, I reviewed the excellent low-profile AZIO Cascade keyboard. This 75% keyboard features extremely comfortable low-profile keys that promote a very relaxed typing position. AZIO has now released a selection of affordable accessories to go with Cascade keyboards. So if you bought one of the keyboards after reading my review, you might want to take a look at these new accessories.

You can make the changes sound on your Cascade keyboard by replacing the keycaps with a different color from AZIO’s Forest keycaps. Or maybe your keys got a little shiny after a lot of uses. If so, you can refresh them with a replacement game. These forest themed keys for Cascade keyboard consist of 84 dual-grip PBT keys and are 100% compatible with Cascade Slim 75% wireless keyboard.

However, since the AZIO slim keys use a triangular key shaft, you should not order these keys for use on any other brand of keyboard as they will not fit.

Price and availability: AZIO Forest keycaps are available in Forest Light and Forest Dark and cost a very reasonable $20 / £18.

For storing your AZIO Cascade keyboard, especially if you take it with you to different work locations, the Azio Felt Keyboard Travel Pouch is a great way to protect your keyboard and it also rolls out on a desk to create a cushioned surface to reduce keyboard noise. A foldout dish is also included, which can be used as a mouse pad.

The Azio Felt Keyboard Travel Pouch is made from durable felt and features a string tie. The main pocket can accommodate a standard 13-inch laptop or iPad Air and the outer pocket can be used to carry a Cascade keyboard and USB cables.

Price and availability: The Azio Felt Keyboard Travel Pouch is available now and costs $17 / £15.

Finally, let’s say you’re a mechanical keyboard fan like me. In this case, you’ll know users love connecting their non-wireless keyboards with an aesthetically pleasing coiled USB cable to connect to a host device. The Azio Zebra Custom Coiled Cable is covered in fabric and has an attractive design. It features removable 5 pin aviator zinc alloy connectors on each end. The Azio Zebra cable is compatible with Cascade keyboards (Slim and Standard models) and works with most USB-C keyboards.

Price and availability: The Azio Zebra Custom Coiled Cable is available now and costs $13 / £12.

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