Thoughtful design with family and friends in mind

Exuding modern luxury while meeting family goals, this custom build by Weststyle asserts itself as a residence to watch your children grow up in.

Situated on a 400 sqm block in Salter Point, the home’s custom design elements encourage family living while reflecting a social lifestyle.

Camera iconRecycled facing brick and aluminum slats create a dynamic elevation. Credit: Provided.

“Our clients wanted a home they could grow up in and raise a family in, a place to freely express themselves and share and entertain with extended family,” said Weststyle Principal Architect Mary Ong.

The two-story home is highlighted by a design that complements the textures and features of its suburban surroundings, with understated colors and materials to maintain aesthetic consistency throughout the home.

“The contemporary facade blends seamlessly into the surrounding area,” Ms. Ong said.

“We used recycled facing bricks to anchor the ground floor and mimic the brick texture of homes in the area.

“The contrasting texture and color-matched aluminum slats created a more dynamic elevation, with the slats suggesting a more private space within.

“The interior paint colors matched the exterior with wood accents brought in to soften the spaces, while the material palette is simple, elegant and gives our client a base to take ownership.”

Understated colors and materials maintain aesthetic consistency throughout the home.
Camera iconUnderstated colors and materials maintain aesthetic consistency throughout the home. Credit: Provided.

Four bedrooms and two bathrooms acknowledge multi-generational living plans.

“The size of the house has been kept efficient to allow for a large back yard to play in,” Ms Ong said.

“Storage spaces for future sports equipment, laundry and extra books are scattered throughout the house if their children follow the lifestyle or love of reading of our active guests.

“We have also located a bedroom with a semi-suite on the ground floor to accommodate the parents of the owners should they wish to visit.

“The floor plans were made with the idea that one of their parents will eventually move into the house.”

Ms Ong said the house’s generous space on the ground floor accommodates family and guests in an open kitchen, dining room and living areas.

“The house was designed around our guests and their enjoyment of cooking and entertaining, whether in large groups or for weekday family dinners,” she said.

“The large island, backdrop to the equally sized kitchen, connects to both the dining and living areas and beyond to the outdoors, encouraging people to move easily through these spaces.”

The kitchen features wood cabinetry, dark accents, a marble splashback and a skylight.
Camera iconThe kitchen features wood cabinetry, dark accents, a marble splashback and a skylight. Credit: Provided.

Gray tiled flooring in the main areas joins the home’s color palette to showcase wooden cabinetry, dark accents, and a marble kitchen backsplash and skylight – a standout feature.

“These accents are further enhanced by crisp white walls and ceilings, with natural light streaming through the generous linear skylight above the kitchen,” Ms. Ong said.

“Matte black architectural fixtures are strategically placed throughout the home to mimic a gallery feel.

The second floor is a private area with a master bedroom, two minor bedrooms, a living room and an office area designed as an upstairs retreat, with the possibility of converting it into a TV area once the children grow up.

“A window seat in the upstairs living room not only frames the view of the oval exterior, but also provides a place to sit, read or watch TV,” Ms Ong said, adding that the house had special features not typical of other houses.

“This includes pivoting doors to both the scullery and utility room flanking each side of the kitchen, so when the doors are in the closed position they disappear.”

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