TMD Holdings of Pittsburgh helps partners build a supply chain with direct access to custom sourcing and manufacturing globally

Big companies turned to TMD Holdings, a supply chain services company in western Pennsylvania. She continues to grow her diverse portfolio of clients, including Fortune 500 companies from various industries around the world, including telecommunications, retail, healthcare, industrial, government, food service and catering.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 12, 2022 – Deal with the global supply chain can be quite problematic and tedious. Many companies have tried to establish and manage a global supply chain internally, only to realize the burden of cross-border supply and shipping requires constant vigilance, and all too often a company will lose money trying to do this in-house.

It makes much more sense to partner with a company like TMD Holdings that has helped companies large and small in their quest to go global. TMD Holdings offers partners 20 years of experience solving complex product and supply chain issues. They help companies make informed strategic sourcing and procurement decisions resulting in reduced costs, reduced risk and increased profits.

TMD is most sought after for:

  • Detail design and fabrication: TMD helps retailers and brands design, source and manufacture their own private label products. This allows companies to select the specific products they need, target their price and maximize their profit margins. Companies specify every aspect of the product and TMD manages the nuances of manufacturing through total supply chain management. From bricks and mortar to e-commerce, TMD offers exclusive product design and custom packaging across a wide range of categories.
  • Custom Global Manufacturing: TMD helps provide direct access to custom global sourcing and manufacturing. Working with a variety of industries, we know there are always product challenges, our team can help product managers, sourcing and supply chain teams mitigate risk, reduce expenses, so that they have greater transparency throughout their supply chain. We offer comprehensive consulting services. Our goal is to help identify and solve the particular challenges your sourcing team faces in your specific industry. We can then find solutions that deliver efficiency, savings and improved service to your direct customers.
  • Industrial manufacturing: TMD is a complete source for OEM/ODM custom manufacturing, private label and end-to-end new product development. From prototyping, tooling, testing and compliance to offshore manufacturing risk management. TMD Industrial helps increase sales, improve logistics, minimize project costs and consolidate suppliers. TMD acts as a true partner and extension of a customer’s purchasing department. They have a personal network of manufacturers across Asia and the country, who have ramped up production to continuously produce high-demand products to meet customer needs. Their in-country team monitors the production and quality of each product from start to finish, ensuring that products meet or exceed customer specifications.

In a recent interview, Candace Buchek, Director of Sales, commented, “We were fortunate to have our headquarters in Pittsburgh so we could recruit valuable employees from local universities such as Carnegie Mellon and Pitt. As well as being part of innovative new technologies, health advancements and expanding retailers. We have grown alongside our region creating a global business.

Owner Henry Wang says, “We now see a need in this challenging market to help businesses in our region find an international supplier who can help them reduce costs and build strategies for growth. As with all the clients we work with, they all have the same goal of becoming more efficient to become more profitable. If they have a product need or a project problem, TMD can help source, manufacture and develop. »

TMD has an excellent reputation and proven track record of delivering leading results to businesses and brands around the world. They create long-term relationships with their customers through partnerships that allow them to adapt their services to meet their ever-changing needs. Because of its superior customer service, its personalized sales approach and its many value-added services, TMD stands out from the competition.

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