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Motorcycles have a fascinating history and their evolution is a constant improvement at all levels in terms of configuration, features and accessories. Our focus in this article is accessories. Early motorcycles were mostly bikes ridden with motors and nothing great about them. Attachments only made history when evolution hit its full swing as people tried to think of how they could make these machines safer, faster, more comfortable and safer. These efforts have resulted in several crucial gadgets and accessories that define the modern motorcycle. Today, there are thousands of options for motorcycle accessories, and you can choose one according to your tastes and preferences. We’ll look at 10 of the most important accessories you need on your motorcycle.

Heated grips

Your hands and fingers are usually the first part of your body that feels cold and shivers. Worse still, there’s almost no way to warm them up again by riding them once they’re cold. That’s why heated grips are on our list of the most essential motorcycle accessories ever invented. Heated grips have turned gruesome rides in cold weather and harsh winters into delightful adventures in unforgiving conditions. These grips not only include your comfort while driving, but they also increase overall safety because hands work better when they are not freezing, and your mind will be on the road instead of thinking about your cold hands. Get yourself one of the heated grips as they are easy to fit and install.

Seat cushions

If you’ve been riding a bike for a long time, you know the uncomfortable pain caused by a poorly padded, too narrow or hard seat. The right seat cushion will go a long way towards your comfort, pleasant rides and your back. Most of the available options use air cells or foam, each with their advantages. What’s more important is the amount of cushioning your pad provides and how it attaches to the ride. Be sure to use a seat cushion that fits well, has great padding and is easy to secure and keep in place.

Bike locks

Motorcycle thieves can ruin your day in an instant if they get away with your most prized possession. Always find your motorcycle where you left it by using locks. Thieves will always avoid a locked bike because it is cumbersome to encounter. Bike locks can be either a simple disc lock or a combination of chain and padlock, and each has its benefits. Just be sure to choose a bike lock that can withstand prolonged assaults and attacks, as thieves will be discouraged and move on to easier targets.


Headlights are perhaps the easiest accessory to install that will instantly upgrade your motorcycle. Headlights are a well-known upgrade, and so there are a plethora of options available to give your bike a fresh new look. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose a headlamp that has a wider beam or is just brighter. Just make sure your choice is within the bounds of the law and only buy from well known dealers as they will always advise you which way to go. Also choose a headlamp that you can use in all weather conditions, day or night.

GPS systems

It is another essential addition to motorcycles that has made it easier to explore unfamiliar places. GPS systems allow you to find your way wherever you are without having to stop every now and then to check on passers-by. There is a huge selection of GPS systems on the market today, some much better than others, but what we find most valuable is a clear display and instructions on a plethora of features. Other important features include weather resistance and ease of use with gloves. Additionally, a good GPS system should be able to operate for an extended period of time if not connected to the motorcycle’s power system. Pricing efficiency is also crucial, and we insist on getting what you pay for.

Motorcycle covers

Covers had to make this list. You will find that you will need to keep your motorcycle out in the open, exposed to a number of elements, animals and people. Prolonged exposure to harmful environments and weather elements will damage your bike, increase maintenance expenses and shorten its lifespan. Motorcycle covers offer your motorcycle the best protection against the elements as they are designed to keep out rain, hail, snow, dust, pollen and harmful UV rays. There are many options made from different materials, but bespoke propylene covers are the best as they are sturdy and come at affordable prices. Make sure your bike is always covered, whether you keep it indoors or outdoors.

portable tire inflators

This is the best way to ensure that your motorcycle tires are always in good condition while riding. These pumps come with display screens that show you the available air pressure to ensure you only add the amount needed. Portable tire inflators can typically inflate up to 150 PSI, so you need to be well stocked throughout your ride. Rechargeable batteries are also powerful enough to use on cars, so don’t be afraid to help out that motorist you see along the way. Always buy portable tire inflators from reputable dealers.

High Power Portable Flashlights

These accessories are small but powerful and are equipped with emergency capabilities. Most options on the market have magnetic strips that allow you to attach them to metal objects when working in the dark. Emergency capabilities consist of bright flashes and a 90 dB beep. Many are equipped with powerful internal batteries that allow you to charge your electronic devices when you need them.

Tire repair kits

Flat tires are on every motorcyclist’s list of worries. A flat tire can put an end to your trip or even pose a significant threat to your safety. The way to ensure you never have to worry about punctures is to get a tire repair kit, as they come equipped with everything you need to repair punctures and get back on your ride. Repair kits tools range from a 4-way valve stem tool, tire valve stems, repair caps, lube kit, hex “L” wrench and spiral T-handle tool to a T-handle insertion tool.

Tire pressure monitors

Tires are an important part of the motorcycle. They can mean the difference between a windy ride and a dangerous, uncomfortable ride, so it’s essential to always know the amount of pressure being exerted on them. Tire pressure monitors complement portable tire inflators as they give you a real-time update on your tire pressure, allowing you to stop and refill them whenever the pressure gets too low.


Motorcycles have evolved from offshoots of motorized bicycles to their own new means of transportation. Not only can the motorcycle offer a faster means of transport, but it can also be the best way to get around, especially thanks to accessories. Modern motorcycles have a wide range of accessories that make riding safer, faster, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Make sure you are always equipped with the list provided above before embarking on your ride.

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