Walmart and Roku team up to sell products via streaming

Streaming platform Roku and retailer Walmart announced a partnership Thursday (17) that aims to use smart device controls to make purchases through TV screens. Although financial details of the deal were not disclosed, it is known to add 61.3 million subscribers to the traditional US department store.

The unprecedented partnership (if you don’t count Amazon, which is both a streaming and retail platform), represents the start of a niche market for streaming platforms. It has the potential to transform the way people buy TV ads and videos. The new option allows consumers to buy when they see and want the product. Both platforms want to provide a perfect payment experience.

How to shop at Walmart via Roku?

The big advantage of the deal between the streaming and retail networks is that the shopper won’t need to be redirected to Walmart’s website or enter a QR Code to complete their purchases. The new program adds an overlay to an existing ad. Accordingly, the user can simply press “OK” if they wish to purchase.

Even the action of typing the credit card number, which would be quite complicated on the remote control, has been solved by the two companies. Roku’s payment platform has already pre-populated its customers’ payment details. It should be noted that custom branded content for streaming will be designed by Roku Brand Studio.

The sharing solution with Walmart may have been a lifeline for Roku. The latter has seen shares plummet more than 70% in a year, sparking Netflix’s recent bullying. After the conclusion of the case, the shares had risen more than 4%. We are curious to see how the partnership will bring benefits to both companies. Of course, it’s also a good move for Walmart. After all, the giant does not fully launch “Amazon” by entering all segments. Walmart recently expanded its payment platform, trying to meet the needs of more users in Mexico.

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