We tried to design a Kotaku Esports jersey with Champion

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If you’re old and decrepit like me, you might remember when Sega sponsored four European football teams when the Dreamcast launched. Clubs included Saint-Étienne, Sampdoria, Deportivo de La Coruña and, most notably, Arsenal FC, so each team’s shirts featured a massive logo for the pop-up console, front and centre.

While there have been other game-sponsored jerseys, this partnership is the one that sticks in my mind the most. I bring this up because it’s something I think about every time I see traditional sports brands making esports-focused gear. Champion, a sportswear brand that has been getting into gaming collaborations since 2019, now offers a feature to create custom sports jerseys. Oh, how far we’ve come.

Personally, I’m still a fan of being able to have fun under the guise of “doing work”, so I took a crack at Champion’s service, hoping to answer an age-old question: what would a Kotaku esports jersey look like? Australia?

So how does it work?

Champion offers six basic esports jersey designs to choose from, which you can start customizing almost immediately. You can add your team name and upload any logos you may have. You can also do more personal customization like jersey numbers and player tags. The online store also lets you create shareable links for your designs, so you can forward them to your team.

A single jersey will set you back $99.95, which is a bit pricey if you’re buying one for yourself. However, the price of the individual jersey will decrease the more you buy them, because there is no “I” in “esports team”. According to Champion, they will ship the jersey within 25 business days. If you buy one now, it might arrive just in time for your team to embark on a Monitor 2 match.

We Made Kotaku Australia Jerseys

In keeping with Kotaku Australia’s main color palette (pink, black and white), here’s what I came up with for an esports jersey design:

Image: Kotaku Australia/Champion

It’s a fairly basic jersey, but personally I prefer more streamlined designs.

Besides esports, Championship also offers customizable football and basketball jerseys and shorts. Honestly, there’s nothing stopping you from using these kits as a base design for your esports team. So here is the one I made using one of the football kits as a base.

We tried to design a Kotaku Esports jersey
Image: Kotaku Australia/Champion

Ultimately, Kotaku Australia is a team and no creative challenge would be complete without our resident artist, Ruby. I asked him to try a few models of swimsuits.

I guess this is all going to be very normal and not weird at all. Let’s see what she found.

esport champion jersey
Image: Kotaku Australia/Champion

Ah yes, a jersey featuring Kotaku Australia’s iconic mascot, Goop Boy. A pretty basic kit in terms of color and design, but given Goop Boy’s size, anything else would make the shirt look a little too cluttered.

And after?

We tried to design a Kotaku Esports jersey
Image: Kotaku Australia/Champion

This jersey is a bit more gaming focused as it features the cum filled arcade cabinet from Ruby’s Illustrated Guide to the Worst Gaming Deals. Without that context, what leaks from this cabinet isn’t obvious, so it’s a good conversation starter.

esport champion jersey
Image: Kotaku Australia/Champion

Beautiful bright colors and some fun patterns. Very cool, very normal. Just a quick question, totally unrelated though, but do you think God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he has created here on earth?

It’s cool to see brands opening up to competitive games like this. By providing the same functionality for esports, soccer, and basketball, Champion puts these three sports on the same level of importance. If you fancy creating your own custom Champion eSports jersey – with or without Meat Man – you can do it here.

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